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When you need the services of a divorce lawyer, turn to Hannay Lawyers, experts in Family Law.

The breakdown of a relationship or marriage is never easy, especially when there are children involved.

An experienced divorce lawyer can help with reliable advice and legal counsel, if necessary, to make matters easier and less stressful for you.

Taking care of the difficulties associated with divorce is best handled by a professional divorce lawyer.

By settling matters in a timely and affordable manner, a divorce lawyer from Hannay Lawyers can help you regain control of your situation, however complex.

Although the cost of a divorce lawyer may seem daunting, a faster, more equitable outcome is often achieved with legal assistance than by preparing your own application. Family Law is a complex field and it is important to have a divorce lawyer that has the right legal skills and expertise.

Hannay Lawyers have many years of experience in Family Law in the Brisbane and Gold Coast areas. We offer a free initial consultation and will be open and clear about providing an estimate of the divorce lawyer costs involved in your specific situation.

A divorce lawyer can be invaluable in assisting with related issues concerning children and taking care of the difficulties involved in the division of assets after a marriage or partnership breakdown. As well as the divorce, financial agreements and property settlement may be major issues. For families with children, consideration must be given to the contact arrangements.

Your divorce lawyer needs to be somebody you can communicate well with at this stressful time. At Hannay Lawyers, we will go through your options with you, to advise on your situation and help achieve the best outcome for your individual circumstances and needs.

Divorce Lawyers Brisbane & Gold Coast
It is crucial you receive expert legal advice

If you are looking to find a divorce lawyer in Brisbane or divorce lawyers in the Gold Coast region, contact Hannay Lawyers today.

Hannay Lawyers are committed to providing expert, accurate and practical advice to help you.

As your divorce lawyers, we understand that some relationships end amicably, so we take steps to promote mutual settlement between you and your partner.

If mediation and dispute resolution is unsuccessful, however, Hannay Lawyers are experienced in Family Litigation and fully competent to help and see you through the Court process.

As one of Queensland’s preferred legal teams, we represent you with confidence and dedication.

Call Hannay Lawyers now to discuss your situation and concerns with an expert divorce lawyer.

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