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When you need a careful approach to a sensitive matter, call Hannay Lawyers, Family Lawyers.

Family breakdown can be overwhelming, stressful and affect you emotionally and financially. Decisions about children, assets and ongoing financial arrangements are difficult to make and can take a toll on individuals and their families.

During this time, it is essential that you have an experienced family law solicitor that listens, understands and provide solutions. We strive to provide a service that makes this difficult time easier on you and your families. The philosophy of our family lawyers is to remove the stress and difficulties of family breakdown, to allow you to better deal with the emotional aspects of separation.

Family law matters can be extremely complex. It is essential that you obtain immediate and accurate advice to achieve the best possible outcome for you. Our family lawyers will go through your options with you, and advise on the best outcome to suit your individual circumstances and needs.

Whether you are married, engaged, in a defacto relationship or separated, our family lawyers are able to help you gain control of your situation, so you can make the best decisions for you and your families. We are able to assist you regardless of how complex your situation is. Our family lawyers take care of the difficulties associated with applying for a divorce or resolving issues concerning children and assets.

In 2013, 41,747 children under 18 years of age experienced the divorce of their parents. That figure accounts for 47% of divorces in that year.

It is crucial you receive expert legal advice

We are committed to providing practical, accurate and realistic advice to provide you certainty during this unpredictable time. We understand that some relationships end amicably, and can also take steps to try and prevent Court, in order to promote mutual settlement between you and your partner

In circumstances where dispute resolution outside of the courtroom has been unsuccessful, we are experienced in family litigation and will represent you through the Court process with confidence and dedication.

We are one of Queensland’s preferred legal teams, and can help you whenever and wherever you need representation.

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