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Hannay Lawyers Sponsors Gold Coast Olympian

SKYE Nicolson is showing the blokes how it’s done, scoring a sponsorship that could see her dreams of competing at the Olympics realised.

Skye comes from a family of boxing champions and now, thanks to Hannay Law Firm in Southport, she has been able to drop her part-time job and fully focus on a fulltime training schedule of 15 sessions a week.

The training consists of three track and fitness sessions, two strength and conditioning sessions and ten boxing specific sessions a week at the Albert Boxing Club gym.

“My recent sponsorship has definitely been really helpful towards my goal of competing at the Olympics,” said Ms Nicolson.

“Without it, I wouldn’t be able to train as much as I need to, so I feel very fortunate.”

The 19-year-old from Yatala started her boxing career when she was 12 and has since won the Queensland Boxing Championships in the 60kg division three times, as well as competing internationally in Russia, England and Germany.

She is now preparing to follow in her late brother, Jamie Nicolson’s footsteps who competed at the Barcelona Olympic Games in 1992 before he died in a car accident in 1994.

Boxing is in her blood and she is hoping to keep the family legacy alive.

“It’s a pretty long track to the Olympics but if I qualify I’d feel like all of my dreams would come true,” she said.

“My family is my biggest motivation and I really want to make them all proud.”

Hannay Lawyers partner and solicitor Chris Hannay offered to financially sponsor Ms Nicolson in her journey towards the Rio Olympics after speaking to her coach, Wayne Trolton about her talent for boxing.

“I’ve always been interested in boxing as a sport,” said Mr Hannay.

“Females tend to be behind the Eight ball when it comes to sponsorship and publicity, so I was more than happy to help out.”

Wayne Trolton has been coaching Ms Nicolson for the past five years and has watched her grow from a young girl into an accomplished boxer.

“I definitely think she has what it takes,” he said.

“She is a natural in the ring, so hopefully we can train hard enough to make it to the Olympics.”

As originally seen on Gold Coast Bulletin by Ruby Spillman on July 31, 2015.