Traffic Offences

We understand how important your driver’s license is to you

Most people will have infringed a traffic law or regulation at some time. We understand that it is easy to make driving mistakes, however these offences can have a significant impact on your life, especially if you use your car for work. Traffic law can be complex so a traffic offence lawyer is required, since a conviction for charges such as driving under the influence, drug driving and dangerous driving can result in penalties ranging from your licence being suspended to a term of imprisonment. This can have a significant impact on your employment and family life.

Whether you have been caught driving over the speed limit or driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, our team of traffic offence lawyers is experienced and have represented our clients for countless driving offences.

We have extensive experience dealing with traffic matters, extending beyond merely representing you in court with a traffic offence lawyer. We regularly deal with applying for work licences on your behalf or making an application for a Special Hardship Order.

We know that your licence is important, so we do everything we can to ensure you keep your licence or argue to have your disqualification period reduced to the absolute minimum. A Hannay traffic offence lawyer remains up to date with new traffic laws, and negotiates with Police Prosecutions regularly to try and obtain the best outcome for your matter.

We deal with the following matters

  • All traffic and license matters

  • Applications for Restricted Licences

  • Applications for Special Hardship Orders

  • Court representation

  • Dangerous Driving

  • Demerit-point suspension

  • Drink Driving

  • Drug Driving

  • Driving with drug in system

  • Driving while licence suspended

  • Driving while under SPER suspension

  • General Traffic Infringements

  • Licence Disqualification

  • Speeding offences

  • Unlawful use of a motor vehicle

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It is crucial you receive expert legal advice

Although traffic matters appear straightforward, it is still important to retain a lawyer for your traffic matter. This is because loss of licence can have detrimental consequences on your work and family life.

We are also experienced in preparing affidavit material and presenting arguments before the Court with the aim of having your sentence reduced. We are also qualified to represent you if you are eligible to appeal the Court’s decision.

We are one of Queensland’s preferred legal teams, and can help you whenever and wherever you need representation.