Drug Charges

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The definition of a dangerous drug is extensive, and is governed by the Drugs Misuse Act and Drugs Misuse Regulations. The weight of drugs is also a factor which will determine the seriousness of your drug possession charges, and what Criminal Jurisdiction will hear your matter. You do not have to own the drug to be in possession of it, or is it a requirement that you intended to consume the drug. Furthermore, if someone else has drugs at your house and you were aware that people had drugs at your home, you may also be liable to a drug possession charge. These same rules apply to possession of drugs in a motor vehicle. These charges become more serious as the weight of the drugs increases, for example possession of Heroin or Cocaine in excess of 2 grams may find you liable to up to 25 years imprisonment.

Drug charges range anywhere from possession of a dangerous drug to trafficking of a dangerous drug. Although these offences carry different penalties, drug offences are serious in nature, and a conviction for a drug offence may have a significant impact on your employment, future vocation and travel prospects.

To be convicted of a drug offence, there are a range of elements that Police Prosecutions or the Director of Public Prosecutions must prove for you to be convicted of the offence. It is not uncommon for individuals to plead guilty to drug offences, unaware that it is possible to challenge one of these elements before the Court or prior to the commencement of proceedings.

Heavy sentences will apply when it is proved that an individual committed a serious drug offence such as trafficking in a dangerous drug with the intent to make a profit. These matters are dealt with in the Supreme Court, and attract a penalty of up to 25 years imprisonment. It is essential therefore, that you retain a criminal defence team that can help you challenge your drug charges, and prepare arguments on your behalf to help you obtain the best possible outcome. There are complex legal principles which apply in drug matters, and our specialty in defending drug charges from the commencement of investigations through to the trial process is extensive.

If you have been caught with a small quantity of drugs at schoolies or at a birthday party with friends and it is your first time before the Court, we may be able to make submissions on your behalf with the aim of having the drug possession charges withdrawn and instead issue a ticket or fine, or order you to attend drug diversion as opposed to attending Court to have the matters dealt with by a Magistrate. If you are eligible, this can be highly beneficial to prevent any future problems arising with having a conviction recorded against you. If you have been charged with purchasing drugs and sharing them with your friends, this may qualify as supply of a dangerous drug. Supply is given a wide meaning under the Drugs Misuse Act and can mean give, distribute, sell, administer, transport or supply. Even taking your own drugs that you purchased yourself can be deemed to be supply of a dangerous drug, and can carry severe penalties.

We understand that sometimes people find themselves in difficult situations that result in either drug use or other drug offences. In these situations, it is our role to present your surrounding circumstances to the Court, and make legal arguments to support your circumstances. If the Court agrees with our submissions, you will receive a lesser penalty than what you would ordinarily receive for the same drug possession offence. This is why it is imperative for you to have a criminal defence lawyer that specialises in dealing with a wide range of drug offences. Experience is essential as drug offences can have long-lasting effects on your personal and professional life.

We deal with the following matters

  • All Drug Charges

  • Drug Driving

  • Failing to dispose of a Syringe

  • Juvenile drug offences

  • Permitting a place to be used for a drug offence

  • Possessing things such as Bongs and Waterpipes

  • Possession of a dangerous drug

  • Possession of a thing used in connection with a drug offence

  • Possession of a utensil

  • Production of a dangerous drug

  • Supply of a dangerous drug

  • Trafficking in a dangerous drug

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