Assault Charge Lawyers Brisbane & Gold Coast

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What are Assault Offences?

Assault and violence offence charges are usually very serious and require quick and smart legal attention. At Hannay Lawyers, we’ve successfully represented plenty of people charged or were about to be charged with one or more of these offences. The key to this success is usually because the person reached out to us very promptly. Don’t underestimate the importance of seeking legal advice swiftly. It can change things for you dramatically!

Assault Charges Brisbane & Gold Coast

This category of offending is very broad and it includes things like common assault, wounding, grievous bodily harm and numerous others. In Queensland, depending upon the circumstances, jail time can be mandatory. Get advice as early as possible is your best bet.

So, What’s the Law?

One word: “complex.”  But if you really want to comb through it yourself, here is a link.

But, what you really need to know is this:

Violent offences are invariably split up into two categories — domestic and public.  The former is that which occurs inside a house to someone you know and the latter involves a member of the public, in a public place.

Now, importantly, this type of offending doesn’t necessarily mean you yourself doing the harming, it can mean you counselled or procured the use of, or attempting or conspiring to use violence against another person.

It can also be often the case that these charges are brought in conjunction with a bunch of other charges. Getting legal advice is your best bet and sooner rather than later.

Am I Going to Jail?

It’s very difficult to give you information without understanding the full circumstances, the extent of investigations by the Police and whether or not those investigations occurred lawfully.

Am I in Hot Water?

Assault Charges Are Very Broad.

These charges are very broad, how hot the water is depends upon the seriousness of the charge or charges. It typically gets hotter the longer you go without legal advice. Take a photo of your charge sheet and upload and we will give you a callback.