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What are Domestic Violence Offences?

Domestic Violence charges are serious and can attract jail time! One myth that needs to be dispelled immediately is that domestic violence just relates to physical harm from one person to another who are both in a domestic relationship with each other. However, domestic violence can be intimidation and threatening behaviour to emotional abuse and beyond.

How hot the water you’re in can only be measured by giving us a call. But sooner rather than later because these types of matters are serious.

Domestic Violence Charges Brisbane & Gold Coast

The relevant law creates a number of offences that relate to domestic violence. These types of offences can activate other types of offences within the Criminal Code and notoriously can become very, very serious.

So, You Want To Understand The Law?

The Domestic Violence and Family Violence Protection Act 2012 is the governing piece of legislation.

Given the nature and the seriousness of these offences, do not consider representing yourself. Our Gold Coast & Brisbane Criminal Lawyers have extensive experience in successfully representing people charged with these offences.

What is Domestic Violence?

Domestic violence is a complex pattern of behaviours between current or former intimate partners — usually in situations where one partner cause abuse to the other, may it be physically, sexually, emotionally, socially, verbally, spiritually and economically. How hot the water you’re in can only be measured by giving us a call. But sooner rather than later because these types of matters are serious.

Who Are The Victims Of Domestic Violence?

Men, women and children experience violence, and most men aren’t perpetrators of violence. But there are gendered patterns in violence and victimisation. Women suffer from domestic violence at far greater rates than men do, and with more severe impacts including hospitalisation and in worst cases, death. Knowing these gendered patterns is important to understand domestic and family violence and developing effective responses including preventative measures.

Am I Going to Jail?

We cannot give you that advice without understanding your situation and more specifically the nature of the charges that have been brought or are about to be brought by Queensland Police.

Our primary objective at Hannay Lawyers is to stress-test the investigations that have or are about to occur, against you.

Hire Domestic Violence Lawyers In Gold Coast & Brisbane

Domestic violence is a very serious offence. You need a team of competent domestic violence lawyers if you are charged or undergoing investigation for domestic violence and/or related charges.

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Am I in Hot Water?

Domestic Violence Offences Are Very Serious.

If you have been charged or undergoing investigation for Domestic Violence and/or related charges, getting legal advice now is imperative. People who leave this for too long usually later regret it. Take a photo of your charge sheet and upload and we will give you a callback.