Prior to commencing his career in law, Chris was a member of the New South Wales police force where he specialised in criminal investigation, and in particular, drug law enforcement.

Practice Areas
Criminal Law
Commercial Law
Property Law

Major Crime Commissions
Drug Offences
Murder & Manslaughter
Sexual Assaults
Serious Robbery

Brisbane, Queensland
Gold Coast, Queensland

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Chris has also worked for law enforcement agencies in Queensland such as the Crime and Corruption Commission. Chris’ professional experience places him in an advantageous position, as he is able to conduct criminal matters having knowledge of both sides involved in the process. Chris practices in family and criminal law.

Chris deals with all criminal matters, including major crime commissions, drug offences, murder and manslaughter, sexual assaults, serious robbery offences.

Chris has worked and continues to work at the forefront of many high-profile criminal matters. He prides his firm on its ability to relate to all members of the community and provide high-quality legal representation and exceptional services to all clients.

The philosophy of Chris’ firm is to remove our client’s anxiety and stress at a time when they are most vulnerable.

Chris is passionate about protecting his client’s rights and represents clients in all criminal jurisdictions. He has extensive experience with criminal and regulatory prosecutions, and represents our clients at the trial and appellate level. He is often consulted for his opinion regarding prominent legal matters, and is one of the most sought-after criminal law practitioners in Queensland.